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JEN MAJURA Details Her Split With EVANESCENCE, Thought It Was A Bad Joke At First

She's also writing a new solo album.

Evanescence announced roughly one month ago that they had parted ways with guitarist Jen Majura, who played with the band between 2015 and 2022. Evanescence at the time expressing their love and support for Majura, while Majura published her own statement saying her departure was not her own decision. Now an interview with Coffee With Ola, Majura said she originally thought her firing was a bad joke. Especially considering she had already begun to pack for the band's then-coming tour.

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"Honestly, I was cleaning my apartment, and I got the phone call. And first of all, I was, like, 'Is this a bad joke?' And I remember, after I got the news, I hung up, and I have this hallway in between my studio and my living room, and I just lay there on the floor, staring at the ceiling, wondering what that was, and literally looking over to my suitcase that I had already started packing, because I was two weeks from going out on the road until pretty much the end of the year."

Majura said she's already received offers to join other bands, but she isn't in any rush to jump into another position. She adds that she wants to take some time to work on her own music right now and rediscover her own sound again.

"I would like to consider [the offers], but not now, not yet. Because I feel like it would be not a nice move if I played the okay person when I'm still processing. I'm not ready to jump into the next marriage right now. To be really honest, what I wanna do right now is, first of all, focus on me and my music again. Because what I realize is that you, when you… It's difficult to say… I feel like I lost a little bit of my music inside of me during these past years, because… What I right now do, what I right now want to do is I wanna reconnect with myself and feel and hear and play my music again. And who knows? The plan is, so far — you heard it here first — I'm gonna write my third solo album."

Majura has released two previous solo albums – Jen Majura in 2015 and Inzenity in 2017. Evanescence has since announced their new touring lineup, which sees bassist Tim McCord moving over to guitar and Sick Puppies bassist Emma Anzai joining the lineup.

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