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JACK BLACK On TENACIOUS D Collaborating With AMY LEE Live: "She's Such A Pro"

Black also praises her vocals.


Tenacious D's set at Louder than Life 2022 was fantastic, though the headline-worthy portion of it was when Evanescence vocalist Amy Lee's came out to sing "Kyle Quit The Band" and "Lee." In an interview with Sirius XM, Tenacious D's Jack Black explained that the whole collaboration came together when Lee posted on Instagram saying she's love to do something with the band.

"She posted on her Instagram," he said. "She was like, 'I'm playing 'Louder Than Life'. Oh, my God, listen to this lineup. You got Nine Inch Nails, zoobity boobity from the twelfth planet of Mars, and me. We got to do a collab. Tenacious D is going to be there. Come on, Tenacious D. If you're listening to my Insta, let's do a collab.' And we were like, 'of course we're gonna collab with you.'"

Black said fellow Tenacious D frontman Kyle Gass reached out to Lee, who he's friends with, and made the collaboration happen. Black also praised Lee's professional attitude, vocals, and sense of humor. So it's probably safe to say that Black is a pretty big fan of Lee.

"Kyle knows her and reached out to her and said, 'Let's do this'. And so she came over to our dressing room area before the show, and we did a little dressing room rehearsal because we didn't have time for a sound check or anything. And she's such a pro. She was like, 'Hey, I have a couple of ideas. I want to do a three-part harmony on 'Kyle Quit the Band.' And we're like, 'Oh my God, okay.'

"And we worked out a little comedy bit so she would come out [and I would pretend like] I was too emotional, I needed someone to help. So we called out Amy Lee to come and sing the next song. And then she said, 'You know what would be funny is if, at the end of the bit, you chased me around like a psycho stalker, and I ran off stage to escape you.' And it was a great idea, she's actually really funny, as well as one of the great vocalists."

On Lee's guest spot being the highlight of the show, Black said he wasn't surprised. "It's always about the special thing that never happens. Like, 'oh my god. Tenacious D and Evanescence.'"

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