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ISIS, The Metal Group, Is Being Confused For ISIS, The Terrorist Group Somehow

Dudes with guitars? Terrorists.

Dudes with guitars? Terrorists.

If you've been following world events the past month, you've heard about the religious extremist group ISIS.

If you are a metal or post-rock fan, you've certainly heard of the now-defunct group ISIS.

Some brilliant people seem to be mistaking the music group for the extremist religious group. What?

ABC News ran a story recently about how the group's Facebook page has been inundated with threats and how they've recieved messages from fans who say they can't wear their ISIS shirts in fear of being mistaken for supporters of the religious group in public.

"'It certainly caught us off guard,' Aaron Harris, the band's former drummer, told ABC News.

Even some of their fans have decided to put some distance between themselves and the music.

'Fans have emailed us that they're reluctant to wear our T-shirts now and we've also gotten some off-color comments,' Harris said."

If you're a fan of the band on Facebook, you've noticed they've even changed their name from "Isis" to "Isis the band." You know, in case you clicked on the band's Facebook page, saw tour dates an dudes with guitars and thought "surely they're terrorists." Even though the American government can't seem to track down the terrorist group, they somehow have a Facebook page?

I feel like there's a pretty hefty distinction between the two, but some people have no clue.

PSA: Isis the band is not ISIS the terrorist group.

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