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ISIL Terrorist Captured Wearing Hardcore Band DEEZ NUTS' T-Shirt

Terrorists love hardcore or was the shirt too good to pass up?

Terrorists love hardcore or was the shirt too good to pass up?

Terrorist of the ISIL are big on beheadings, explosives and… Australian hardcore?

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Two fighters for ISIL were captured earlier today by the Free Syrian Army, as reported by Conflict News, and one of them was sporting a shirt of Australian hardcore band Deez Nuts, also perhaps the most hilariously named band in all of music:

No further details on the capture or the terrorists names are currently available. Is this asshole terrorist a fan of hardcore? It's doubtful. As 9News points out, the band, which stand for partying, drinking is "could not be further at odds with Islamic State ideology, especially as the terrorist group hates music and considers it 'the alcohol of the soul'." Isn't alcohol the alcohol of the soul? Oddly, this isn't the first connection between heavy music and terrorists. After Osama Bin Laden died, there was an article about his 10 possible replacements and one said replacement loved death metal.

Deez Nuts, which formed in 2007, has yet to publicly acknowledge the news. The band's last release, Word Is Bond, came out in April of 2015. If you never heard Deez Nuts, here's a catch-up…

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[via ThePRP]

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