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INFERNAEON Frontman Interviewed At

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Florida blackened death metal band INFERNAEON frontman Brian Werner has been interviewed by and covered details surrounding the band's debut release, "A Symphony of Suffering," the band's ranks which include ex-MONSTROSITY members and the album's concept and guest appearances.

A few excerpts from the full interview:

"Briefly describe the concept behind "A Symphony Of Suffering."

Well the first two tunes are separate from the last three. The first tune is about the Marquis De Sade, one of my favorite authors. The word sadist was named after him I highly recommend reading "120 Days of Sodom" or "Justine," two of my favorites. The second tune, "Sleeping God," is a fiction story based on the left-hand path version of the creation story. In spiritual satanism, we believe in the concept of the seven ancient ones and this entity that has been asleep for 10,000 years is actually their father. And since humanity has only existed for 5,000 years, no one has heard of him and now he's waking up and he's pissed. The album ends with a 3 song trilogy about a prophetic entity who can see the future though the eyes of the dying. So in order to amass more power, he wages a war against the living. The second song of the trilogy goes on to talk about how the victims of the oracle come back to life seeking vengeance against their undead assassins. The trilogy ends with "A.I.D.S.," which stand for Annhilating the Inner Decay of Species which finishes the war.

How did you get Ben Falgoust (Soilent Green, Goatwhore) and Keith DeVito (Obituary, Suffering) to do guest vocals on the album?

"Keith was my mentor and taught me how to sing when he was in Pyrexia and pointed me in the right direction and been one of my best friends for several years. Ben actually crashed at my house probably at least 12 times over the years with Soilent Green and Goatwhore when they were on tour. I live in Florida and they come through here all the time. Once we were in the studio doing the album and he was on tour with Soilent Green and he came down at like 4am and laid down the tracks. That guy has one the the sickest voices in extreme metal so we were stoked to get him to do it."

Check out the whole interview online here.

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