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IN FLAMES Guitarist Discusses The Importance Of Loving Your Own Music & The Dangers Of Nobody Having An Opinion


It seems like every record In Flames does draws some pretty strong opinions. Of course the major criticism of the band is when they turned away from their classic melodic death metal sound with Reroute To Remain in 2002… but that was two entire decades ago and folks need to get over it at this point.

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So how does In Flames guitarist Björn Gelotte feel about the band's discography? In short, he's proud of it all. In an interview with Ola Englund in the Coffee With Ola show, Gelotte calls the band's upcoming record Foregone the best album they've ever done and notes that even the more divisive records are ones In Flames remains proud of. As they should be too – at the end of the day, aren't bands making the music they'd want to listen to?

"Yeah, it's obviously the best one we ever did. It's supposed to be like that. But you have to remember, and I think most people know, they don't think about it when they say stuff like that, but… it's only a matter of taste. I think every album that we've done… We put in the hours. We have invested in the album. We've done the absolute best that we can. And [done it] to our liking, that's all it is. At that time. That's just how it works. Because we need to be happy with what we're playing. We're not a cover band. And we're not a, I don't know… We're not a radio band. We make the music for us.

"Because we know if we like it, we can actually be onstage and enjoy it. And as I said before, this is the most fun I've ever had, being onstage. So I need to like it. And we all need to like it. Having that mindset to do music that we like, we're kind of… I wouldn't say bullet-proof, but we don't really care what people say. But if… One thing that is important is that people, in one way or the other, care. Because if nobody had any opinion whatsoever, or couldn't give a shit about it, then it would probably be more frustrating."

Gelotte also touched on the online negativity surrounding the band, saying he doesn't read any of it anyway. "I don't read any of it," he said. "I don't… I don't go to any forums. I don't read any music outlets or anything, because I am so tired of the comments. It's a bad thing, because a lot of times that's the only way to find out about certain tours and stuff, but I simply don't go there because of that toxic environment."

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Foregone is out February 10. Pre-orders are available here. You can also catch In Flames at one of the below dates with At The GatesImminence, and Orbit Culture.

11/26 ES Madrid Riviera
11/27 ES Barcelona Razzmatazz
11/28 FR Lyon Transbo
11/30 CH Zurich Samsung Hall
12/1 IT Milan Alcatraz
12/2 AT Vienna Gasometer
12/3 DE Leipzig Haus Auensee
12/4 DE Cologne Palladium
12/6 NL Tilburg 013
12/7 BE Bruessels AB
12/8 DE Wiesbaden Schlachthof
12/9 DE Hamburg Edel Optics Arena
12/10 DK Copenhagen Store Vega
12/11 NL Oslo Spektrum
12/14 FI Helsinki Ice Hall
12/16 SE Stockholm Hovet
12/17 SE Gothenburg Scandinavium

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