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If You've Ever Wondered What SLIPKNOT's Numbers Mean…

I'm pretty sure this was old news, but what's old is new again with Slipknot in town (ohhh, sick burn! jk ya'll, you guys put on a great show at Mayhem). Anyway, Clown, aka #6 gave an interview recently and one of the topics discussed was how each member picked their number, and how the numbers came to be in general…

"The numbers kind of just fell into place," says Clown. "It’s kind of a weird thing. Back when we started we were going to wear a mask and I started wearing coveralls so we all started wearing coveralls, then there were so many of us, we put our bar code on the back. Then we wanted numbers—I wanted numbers. It was kind of ironic, because everyone fell into a number. I wasn’t going to tolerate any other number than six. Like if someone was going to fight me for it, I was going to fight to the death for it, but nobody wanted it. Joey wanted to be number one, Paul wanted to be number two, the original guitar player, and the other drummer three. Mick, he is like 'I have to have seven. Fuck everyone. It’s my lucky number.' Corey was like, 'I want eight, infinity.' When Sid joined the band, 'I am not a number. I am zero. I am filth.' It was kind of magical, honestly. The masks were more of a representation of what you wanted to present as yourself. It was one’s finding oneself, but the numbers were almost assigned to us subconsciously."

That makes sense to me. Personally, I'm partial to the number four. It's my lucky number. How about you?

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