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HIGH ON FIRE's Matt Pike Still 9/11 Truther, Thinks "They" Will Infect The World With Ebola Created In A Lab

High on Fire's Matt Pike is an American original. A few months ago, he was going on about 9/11 and aliens and when asked if he was a conspiracy theorist, he replied that he is actually a conspiracy fact-ist.

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He expanded on his conspiracy facts on this weekend's Full Metal Jackie radio show talking about how he thinks the government is slowly screwing with us:

“It’s frustrating to a point but actually if someone’s not smart enough to fucking breath, it’s like a turkey drowning in the rain. If you don’t see what’s going on, if you don’t see them crashing the American dollar, them crashing the he Euro… I’m sorry but the American dream is dead. Your constitution pretty much got pissed on the minute the Patriot Act got into play. They’re going to come and try and take your guns. They’re going to come and try to take your freedoms.

They already took our smoking, hey man, I’m a smoker and if you don’t like smoking get the fuck out of the bar man because your fucking liver matters more than your lungs anyway. It’s going to go out quicker. It’s frustrating to me that like Holland has such a perfect thing where they treat you like an adult, and then the American government is saving us from ourselves because we want to stick up and maybe have some personal fucking freedoms in this world. Actually they’re taking them away day by day.

I voted for Obama and it’s a regret that I have because he’s just following after George Bush. Pretty soon, mark my words, if there’s not a military law soon or there’s not some fucking Ebola epidemic which was created in a lab by some fucking Rockefeller or Bill Gates, all the fucking elite that want us all fucking dead. They want six billion people dead and they will do it any way they possibly can pull it off. They’re going to do it in a way with like a sick cow, and they need to give you a morphine injection or they need to give you oxygen just so you don’t feel like you’re going to die in a plane crash. You know what? The plane has been crashing for about fucking 10 years now.

The minute 9/11 happened was the day that the U.S. no longer had any sort of f–king prestige. There’s no prestige with 9/11 and killing our own people with people that we hired, Saudi Arabia that those motherfuckers have been in bed with since fucking Afghanistan. We’re the ones that armed Al Qaeda to begin with and then all of a sudden it’s ISIS, where the fuck did ISIS come from? That’s an ancient fertile fucking crescent kind of term for the goddess that liked to fly over – you know the epic of Gilgamesh?

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You know what ISIS was? She was a fucking reptilian goddess who liked to fly over the clouds and fucking curse IMGT with the plague. If you read back and you read into history and you actually do some research, you’re going to realize that the mythology of man actually can obtain some truth to it if you put some fucking classic common sense to it. But no one is going to believe me and they’ll call me crazy right now, I’ll put a tinfoil hat on my head. I don’t really care, because they’re going to understand when the FEMA camps start. Then they’ll start telling me I’m right.

I don’t really care. I’m speaking out against it, because if we do something now we can do something now. If we don’t do anything now and people don’t fucking wake up? Pretty soon we’re all fucking slaves and everybody’s just a TV baby like we have been since the 70s. People have been dumbing themselves down for way too long now and it’s time to wake up and turn your TV off and throw it in the hallway.

Time to read a book, dude. Time to think. Critically think. That’s what they don’t like. That’s why they put fluoride in your water. They put chemtrails and they feed it to your children. Then they abduct your children and act like nothing happens. It’s a sickening society that’s in a world that can be saved, in a world that is great.

There is hope in the world, it’s just, man, people need to stop relying on FOX News to give them their information and to stop feeding their kids from Wal-Mart. If they do that, then they might have a fucking chance at survival. If not, I’m going to continue to play music and when I have to survive I’ll survive. But this place isn’t going to be how it is in about five years. So, it’s not going to be the same. No one believes me. Well, you don’t have to. It’s the fucking truth.”

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Wow. There are certainly a few things I agree with here, like the U.S. are the ones that armed Al Qaeda, but there were a few points where he lost me, like when he said the government will spread ebola built in a lab.

But that doesn't change the fact that the band's new album, Luminiferous is a great piece of metal worth seeking out.

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