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HIGH COMMAND, ENTHEOS, THE OFFERING & More Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

High Command 2022
Photo by Bill Shaner

It's time for the week's top 5 office buzz-worthy tracks over at Gimme Metal!

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HIGH COMMAND – Immortal Savagery

Hooky thrash with some black metal yowl? High Command dip into classic sounds and stew up a storm with their latest ‘Eclipse of Dual Moons’ (out now on Souther Lord). Majestic while simultaneously spinning wheels in some mud to hash into your mugs, the band place themselves in the imaginary world of Secartha, conjuring up Epic Dio-like tales of trial. Excellent to hear a band congeal its resources so seamlessly and effectively. Buy Now at Gimme Metal

ENTHEOS – In Purgatory

If Chaney Crabb isn’t the best name for a death metal singer, I mean, c’mon! Joined by co-conspirator Navene Koperweis, Entheos infuses a definite progginess into the mix, strident, groovy, not afraid to lean in some ass-shaking beats to boot. Being slimmed down to a duo certainly helps dominate the direction of this music, and it shows by its complex yet easy swing into all genres. Be on the lookout for Cheney to hang with DJ Jet on the New Releases Show Friday the 9th at 11am ET, and watch out for a guest DJ appearance here in March!


Snaky and cinematic, The Offering on “My Heroine” may sound like you’re tuned into a middleastern/Indian channel with its atmospheric keyboards and sinewy, well-produced sound and vocals. But rest assured the heavy riffs come mowing in eventually, framing this unit as a quite interesting hybrid of things you wouldn’t expect in a metal band. We’re keen to hear what playlist they’ll select for their upcoming guest DJ takeover on December 15th at 11am ET! Buy Now at Gimme Metal

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LYKOTONON – The Primal Principle

Rising from fog with hissing and scrapes circling your head, industrial metal, spoken samples and rave-like escalation set this thing into fast motion, it’s almost the sound of Ministry stuck in place and varying their constant attack with a complex set of design and emotions, all quite dark. Sporting members of Blood Incantation, Wayfaerer and Stormkeep, this Denver project makes incredible use of space and clutter, injecting some slanky vibes and dissonant confusion on their latest ‘Promethean Pathology.’

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NOCTEM – We Are Omega

After an extended funereal doom intro, Valencia’s Noctem crack open the chalice with an insane barrage of chaos, a dense black blizzard of emotion and atmosphere.‘Credo Certe Ne Cras’ (which translates as ‘I believe with certainty that there is no tomorrow’) is a breathtaking ceremony that ranks with Gaerea among the year’s high ranking black metal releases, and we’re excited to hear what they play on their forthcoming DJ takeover December 28th 1pm ET. Buy Now at Gimme Metal

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Necessary items for your metal collection

HIGH COMMAND, ENTHEOS, THE OFFERING & More Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

Darkthrone’s ‘Under A Funeral Moon’ Gimme Exclusive Transparent Blue 

When the world first heard this record it changed everything about what people thought was “metal.” Blown-out guitars, drums that sounded like cardboard boxes being ripped to shreds. A lo-fi masterpiece of atmospheric, icy, evil sounds that conjured up images of misty graveyards in the Scandinavian hinterlands.  This record confused and even angered many metal fans, but it laid the blueprint for outsider black metal for years to come.” Buy Now at Gimme Metal

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