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Hero Woman Puts A Stop To Asshole Mosher Who Was "Crowdkilling"

This woman deserves a medal of some sort.

This woman deserves a medal of some sort.

I am too old to mosh, but ultimately, I have no problem with the act of moshing, as long as its confined to the actual pit, and the only people subjugated to potential beatdowns are willing participants. What I can't stand is these assholes that hang out at the edge of the pit and just punch people for no good reason, or those that specifically jump into the crowd to punch people. Stop being a dick!

Turns out that "move" is called "crowdkilling" and Lambgoat posted this fantastic clip of Asshole-of-the-Day Mike Correa getting his from one kick-ass female for messing with the wrong girl. This all went down at a Vista, CA hardcore show during a band named Raw Dawg's set.

SHARE THIS! fuckin Mike Correa beating the shit out of people during RAW DAWG, then a girl starts crowdkilling him 󾌴…

Posted by Yan Charaschevski on Sunday, February 7, 2016

This woman deserves a medal of some sort.

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