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HELLYEAH's VINNIE PAUL Speaks Out About Christina Grimmie Shooting

Is security any better now than it was?

Is security any better now than it was?

Earlier in June, pop star Christina Grimmie was tragically gunned down after a show by a crazed fan during a meet-and-greet. Immediately after the shootings, Pantera took to Facebook to voice its collectively disbelief that even after nearly the exact same shit ended guitarist Dimebag Darrell's life in 2004, not much has changed.

Unsurprisingly, Dimebag's brother Vinnie Paul is still absolutely floored that these things can still happen, as he states in a recent interview with KBAT Radio (below).

“It just floored me, man. I never thought it would happen again after [Dimebag’s murder]. And that’s really almost the same scenario that happened to my brother. It’s just unbelievable that there’s still people that are that fanatical and that crazy out there in today’s world that we don’t have enough security to keep that from happening.” Paul concluded, “It’s a dangerous world, man. You’ve gotta keep your eyes and ears peeled and be on the alert all the time.”

Think about how many headlines you see in the news where it's like "X fans got up on stage with Y artist to try and hug them/sing with them/etc." Hell, even recently a dude ran out on stage while Limp Bizkit was playing and got all the way up to Wes Borland. Borland had to fend the guy off himself, though thankfully he just wanted a selfie. Then there's the Lamb of God case in 2012, and so on.

Sure, a lot of this gets played off as "they just wanted a selfie" or whatever, but think about it – people are still getting all the way to the artist on stage. What if the dude out on stage for Borland had a knife? What if the kid running up on stage for Lamb of God had a weapon? Any of these cases could be something atrocious… and it just keeps happening.

[via Loudwire]

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