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And Slipknot, and ice Nine Kills, and a lot more, so it would seem!

Doug Bradley

You may not recognize actor Doug Bradley by name, but you will certainly be quick to remember his legendary character Pinhead in the original, classic horror series Hellraiser, and its subsequent sequels. And so, now that you've been refreshed about Doug's legacy far better, you'll likely not be surprised to hear he's a big heavy metal fan, and on occasion, he apparently bros it out with his favorite bands. Hey, what else do you expect a legend to do with his time?

In a recent chat with Metal Hammer, Bradley was asked about the influence Hellraiser had on heavy metal and how it feels to be a "mainstay" in the scene, Bradley namechecked Dani Filth, and counted Cradle of Filth as one of his favorite groups.

“I mean, in [Dani Filth’s] case, he was something of a trailblazer with the kind of music that Cradle were doing, and I just love him as a guy," said Bradley. “He’s a great performer. Where the hell he produces those two voices from — that basso profundo growl and then that falsetto — without completely wrecking his vocal cords is a mystery to me. He’s a smart writer, and that shines out. And that’s really the reason I’ve kept going back to work with him. I’ve also chatted with Corey Taylor.”

Reminded by the interviewer that the Slipknot frontman is also really into horror, Bradley notes “Yes, he does. But they all (are)! I was just at the Silver Scream convention in Danvers, Massachusetts just outside Boston. It’s really a convention built around Ice Nine Kills, and I was talking to (vocalist) Spencer [Charnas] and he’s completely immersed in horror. Kirk [Hammett] from Metallica was reputed to have one of the biggest private horror collections around."

It just goes to show you, folks: it's a small, horrific world, after all.

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