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GWAR's Oderus Urungus Stands Up For AS I LAY DYING's Tim Lambesis

Gwar's Oderus Urungus is oddly the voice of reason when it comes to pretty much everything going on in the metal community. Unsurprisingly, everything he has to say about metal fans being way too hard on Tim Lambesis are dead on. Come read his pretty lengthy statement!

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Before we even dive into that, here's a link to the most recent Lambesis stuff so you can catch up. We good? Alright. So the following is a compilation of what Oderus was saying on his Twitter about the whole thing:

I have been getting lots of questions in interviews about why I hate so many people. I don’t understand the question. People in particular seem to think I “hate” Rob Zombie, Dave Mustaine, Kevin Green etc. but I never recall saying I “hated” them. I do recall threatening to rip out entrails and anally violating entire families but never hate, never hate…

I remember being swathed in gut-garlands as planets seethed below me. The plasma beams burned mile-wide paths of death. But not hate, duty.. In particular I do not “hate” Tim Lambesis, and am shocked by the metal communities seemingly universal near-condemnation of him. That might sound ridiculous coming from me, considering the horrible things I said… but those we all know were for laughs…they were funny I can’t help it I laugh at awful things.

But I was surprised at how some seemed to turn on him for real…it would not be the first time a rocker got railroaded… Not the first time the police went apeshit over bullshit evidence…entrapped him…I can see it…in America? Of course. But anybody who takes what I said for an apology of any kind for anything I ever said can go fuck themselves.

The "horrible things [he] said" were when he was on Twitter saying that in Richmond, VA, when you're charged with killing someone, you actually do it, just in case anyone needed that cleared up. I agree with the guy though; it's not like there's absolute, undeniable proof against Lambesis that says he's definitely done anything wrong. Does it look pretty damning? Yeah. Is there a whole lot of wiggle room for this to be false? Kind of, depending on if it turns out to be lies. The bottom line is that fans of the band, and just the metal community in general, immediately threw him under the bus without even knowing if it's true or not.

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That kind of sucks a little bit on our part.

[via The PRP]

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