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Gunface of THE RED CHORD issues update

If you are a regular visitor to this site, you know who THE RED CHORD are. They are the band that just can't keep their mugs off of our site or even the blog. That's why I figured I should probably repost this bulletin guitarist Mike "Gunface" McKenzie posted via Myspace:

With the exception of a few shows here and there, The Red Chord is home until the Mayhem tour. So we have started working on new material. Maybe we'll be ready to play a new song by the time we hit the road again.

Beyond the Sixth Seal is also working on another record. We have about 5 songs on their way and hopefully 5 or 6 more soon.

And I've started working on the Stomach Earth material again finally. It has been years since I put the one song up and I'd like to release a full length sometime soon. Progress is being made and hopefully it will show soon with an mp3…

I can't wait to hear it, Mike. Also, check out my favorite interview we ever did with the dudes in the Red Chord below:

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