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GoFundMe Launched To Aid VITAL REMAINS Guitarist As He Deals With Post-Brain Tumor Surgery Complications

A recent bout with the flu has not helped things.

Tony Lazaro

A GoFundMe has been launched for Vital Remains guitarist Tony Lazaro as he deals with complications after an emergency brain tumor surgery in 2020. According to Lazaro's wife Natasha, Tony's immune system is weakened and a recent bout with the flu has only added to his medical bills. The GoFundMe seeks to raise $7,200. Donate here.

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Lazaro is the founding guitarist of Vital Remains and has played on every one of the band's releases. We wish him and his family all the best at this time, and hope things improve.

"Hello Friends, Family and Fans; Natasha here, Tony's wife and caretaker.

"For those of you that know Tony, he is the main guitarist and one of the founding member of Vital Remains. Also know as 'Big T' or 'Uncle Tony.' Tony is a big sweetheart who has always helped others, cares for his close friends, family, his fur babies and fellow metal community. He has a strong passion for playing live and touring the world. Now he needs our help.

"For a brief background on Tony's medical issues: In April 2020, Tony had a Emergency Sugery for Brain Tumor that was hemorrhaging, that caused partial loss of his vision,he had multiple surgeries, and long 3 months hospital stays for a brain tumor that almost took his life. The tumor damaged his Pituitary glands that caused weakened immune system, partial blindness, and the inability to work, he is not strong enough to tour with Vital Remains at this time. Tony is still weak from his surgeries, and is receiving physical therapy treatments to gain strength back for a better quality of life.

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"Recently, due to a weakened immune system. Tony was hospitalized for Pneumonia and a severe case of Influenza, which made him extremely ill and incoherent. Tony was able to receive emergency medical care and a treatment of Antibiotics and is slowly on the mend. This has added to the significant amount of medical expenses Tony has to deal with.

"Due to his medical issues that began in 2020, Tony has been unable to work and has tried everything to pay household expenses, but the medical expenses and rising cost of living have left it nearly impossible to keep up with. Tony had to pawn and sold his own personal gear to help pay for medical expenses, household bills and personal taxes. Tony has always been a hardworker. This is difficult for him to ask for help. He misses playing for the fans and music in general.

"The donations and support will be very helpful. Any amount would be appreciated.

"We appreciate your love and support in this time in need."

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