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GOD FORBID's Doc Coyle talks to METAL INJECTION about his brother leaving the band

Doc CoyleContinuing our coverage of the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, we had a chance to speak with GOD FORBID guitarist Doc Coyle. We immediately got to what was on everybody's mind, which of course was the split with brother Dallas. Here is what Doc had to say about it:

"We got into a stupid argument over something really meaningless and he [guitarist Dallas Coyle] quit the day we were supposed to leave for this tour [with LAMB OF GOD, AS I LAY DYING, CHILDREN OF BODOM and MUNICIPAL WASTE]. It is what it is, it was upsetting, it was hurtful but it also happened at the time that we're doing the best tour we've ever done. We're playing in front of three, four thousand people a night, we only had a few days to figure out what we could do. We got on the horn, started calling people and tried to pick up like things never changed. Obviously, Dallas is a massive presence with the vocals and on stage, and is part of the identity of the band. It's definitely difficult from a fan's perspective or even for us, but frankly if he wasn't happy…I'd rather him be happy then be in the band."

To watch the entire interview, click here.

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