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Are you kidding me? The Chariot just broke up only a few hours ago and now 17-year metal veterans God Forbid are breaking up too? What the hell is going on!

Wow. It didn't start off as the band breaking up, only guitarist Doc Coyle leaving the band earlier today. He said about his departure from the band (which led to tonight's break-up):

"I am sorry to say that I am indeed leaving God Forbid. I started playing with these guys since I was 16 years old. Now I'm 32. You do the math. To say this is difficult and a big move for me would be an understatement. It has been very emotional and very sad for me to actually follow through with this, but I feel in my heart and head that it is the right thing to do."

Then it was vocalist Byron Davis' turn, which only made things worse and pretty much confirmed things were going to be bad:

"It's Friday and my boy is home doing well and yes it's true, GF is down. We are a family for the most part some move on while others keep it real like before the band began. I should feel sad but I dont right now because a new chapter has begun. I'll be seeing you all around somewhere. Believe that. Uncle Corey J needs some drums I have a guitar too for him. Blabbering."

And then drummer Cory Pierce put the final nail in the coffin:

"No more suspense… God Forbid is over. Sorry."

Well shit. They've only been getting better and better as the years went on, and their 2012 album Equilibrium was a killer… and now nothing. Seriously, can everyone just stay together? At least for another week or so? Music fans' hearts are breaking left and right tonight.

[photo credit: Lambgoat]

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