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GHOUL Raising Money to Buy New Tour Van

In the mysterious and disturbing country of Creepsylvania, times seem to be just as hard as they are in the States. You see, our favorite mutant residents of this distant land, Ghoul, are in desperate need of a new tour van and with their trek with Gwar on the horizon, time is of the essence. Thankfully, us lowly (yet kind, generous, and physically attractive) Ghoulunatics can help the cause, and potentially get some nifty swag in the process! The band has started a Kickstarter account and even recorded a heartwarming promo video for the aptly named Help Ghoul Buy a Van! campaign. Donations can be made in any amount starting at $1 and depending on the amount, the donator can elect to receive anything from some buttons and stickers to a guest pass to any headlining show nearest them. In all sincerity, though, even if you don't plan on donating, I highly suggest checking out the site – the video alone is worth the mouse-click.

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Written and drawn by Exhumed bassist Ross Sewage.

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