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Get Your Face Smashed In With The New Song From BEAR MACE!

The Band's Called Bear Mace – What More Do You Want?


Bear Mace play crushing death metal. With a name like Bear Mace it's probably what one would expect right? It's our honor to present their devastating new track, 'Charred Field Of Slaughter.' The band deliver a particularly twisted brand of death metal inspired by acts like Death, Bolt Thrower and Massacre. Their execution on these tropes would make their sonic forefathers proud. They don't fit into the 'New Wave of OSDM' bands like Necrot or Vastum. Instead they go for something much more reminiscent of Chuck Schuldiner.

The bands frontman Chris Scearce describes the song as “an unrelenting take on the cost and futility of modern warfare.” That's a pretty good summation of the insanity you're about to hear. Bear Mace crush you with riffs, but they also lay down the guitarmonies and death growled madness everywhere they go.

So take a trip to the 'Charred Field Of Slaughter' with us and experience the pummeling madness of the one and only Bear Mace!

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