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Former ANTHRAX Guitarist Dan Spitz Calls Out Ex-Bandmates For Telling "Fairy Tales"

Spitz even calls Scott Ian by his legal name! The gloves are off.

Spitz even calls Scott Ian by his legal name! The gloves are off.

Former Anthrax guitarist Dan Spitz hasn't been on our radar since he was accused of domestic abuse by his ex-wife. Musically, he hasn't been active for about three years, when he worked with Dave Mustaine who produced an album for him under the name Red Lamb.

But Spitz is back in the news this week after calling out his former bandmates for being "fairytale tellers." Whoa, there Dan… let's keep things PG here.

The drama stems from a recent Metal Hammer article, where guitarist Scott Ian wrote about the writing process for Among the Living? saying:

“The way we worked on Among The Living, Charlie wrote most of the music and I did the lyrics. It was the process we’d used on the first two albums, so why change it?”

Well, Spitz took issue with Ian claiming all the credit for songwriting (along with Benante) and took to his Facebook page to call out his former bandmate:


You know the shit has hit the fan when Spitz refers to Scott Ian by his LEGAL name. The gloves are off! Responding to a commenter on the post, Spitz added:


As of this writing, Scott Ian has yet to respond, and I have a feeling that unless he is asked directly during an interview, he likely won't.

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