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For A Ridiculous Amount Of Money, You Can Join GENE SIMMONS At Abbey Road To Record A KISS Song

Who's down for a sing-along of "Hey Jude"?!


Ah…. Abbey Road Studios. The crown jewel of recording studios. The place were The Beatles recorded their final LP of the same name. It hosted the genesis of the long-running feud between Roger Waters and David Gilmour as Pink Floyd recorded their landmark album The Dark Side of The Moon. And now, in the same location of such greatness, you can link up with…. Gene Simmons of Kiss?

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Yep, apparently if you've got about $6,000 that you're too lazy to light on fire, you can purchase a seat right at the mixing board where producer George Martin sat with ol' Gene himself, this according to a post on the studio's site.

The lucky ones who get to make the pilgrimage to London will reportedly "spend the day at Abbey Road Studios with Gene…. hear Gene share stories about his career" and "record a Kiss song with Gene Simmons and his band" in the studio.

Additionally, the site adds that "The day is about having fun with Gene Simmons and going home having a copy of you and Gene Simmons on a recorded Kiss song!" and "You will take home items from Gene's personal Kiss collection! You will get photos and videos with Gene and he'll sign two of your personal items!"

I guess that's pretty cool, if that's your thing. The whole party is going down at Abbey Road Studios in London on July 10, and for more information, you can visit the the event's official website at

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Below is also an official post about the event from Gene's Official Facebook page.

Last week, Kiss manager Doc McGhee confirmed that Kiss will be playing their final touring performance this year, with a location still to be determined—though he cautioned this is only the "end of Kiss as we know it."

"One thing about Kiss, we've always been that band that went to places where most bands didn't go," McGhee added. "So we play everybody's town… You name it, we've played there. So we always go where the people are anyways. The reason why we're continuing doing this last [run] is because obviously the pandemic has stopped us from finishing. And the fact that people just wanted to see us. But we had to end it at some time, which will be this year.

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"There's a lot of talk about everything. And nobody knows what's gonna happen in the future. So what we've kind of put in our minds is let's go through this like this is the end of Kiss as we know it. And whatever comes our way, with technology and everything else, we'll look at it. Will be Gene and Paul out there in makeup? No. I can tell you that. They're hanging their hats up after the [final] show, which is gonna be very, very difficult and very emotional for them after 50 years of doing this. And they love it."

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"Whatever comes our way, with technology and everything else, we'll look at it."