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FALL OUT BOY cover PANTERA's "Walk"; metalheads over-react

Above is a clip of EVERY TIME I DIE vocalist Keith Buckley joining FALL OUT BOY for a cover of PANTERA's anthem "Walk" and the real story here, is not that they totally didn't play the drum solo, but rather, metalheads completely overreacting to the non-story. Here are various comments left on the clip's Youtube page and on the Blabbermouth post of this video:

Not only is that, well, disrespectful, but what the hell is Keith Buckley doing with Fall Out Boy? And how do that pop-star wannabes of fans even know that song?

News Flash bub: PANTERA is a mainstream band. Granted they are no FALL OUT BOY, but I'm pretty sure more than 3 people have heard of them, and especially have heard Walk which is their "Enter Sandman". And wouldn't covering a band you like be the complete opposite of disrespect?

Wow Kieth just lost some big points. Im not going to watch the video at all, just knowing that stupid goofy bass player is probably on stage smirking and wooing 12 year olds with his over sized fake teeth is killing me. That dude should be tortured cannibal ferox style. I really cannot stand those guys at all, Im even disturbed by my thoughts regarding those dudes. Pure hatred!

Get some sunshine, man!

that i don't even know where to start.

surely this is a harbinger of the end of the world.

no one wearing an emo hoodie should be allowed to play a pantera song.

no one currently dating one of the simpson sisters should be allowed to play a pantera song.

no one who knows what a chi is (and owns one) should be allowed to play a pantera song.

for that matter, no one matching the above criteria should theoretically even know who the fuck pantera WAS….which is the truly bizzarre thing.

how on earth did this abomination occur???? seriously, WTF.

The thing that struck me as odd by this commenter is just how much he knew about Pete Wentz, a  dude he hates. You know this kid has all the Tiger Beats with Pete on the cover.

It can't be said enough, it's just fucking blasphemy! I can't believe how many stupid Fall Out Boy fans actually are singing along, a bit scary.

I'm  pretty sure those Fall Out Boy fans would also be Pantera fans if they knew the words wouldn't it? Thus making Pantera ::gasp:: main – stream?

And of course, leave it to a Pantera fan to go absolutely too far in critism:

oh, and they have murdered dimebag once more. fucking blasphemers.

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