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FAILURE's GREG EDWARDS Names The Best Song To Introduce Someone To FAILURE

It was never a single.

Photo by Priscilla C. Scott

Failure was a band between 1990 and 1997, and then again between 2014 and present day. The band has six albums to their name, all of which are excellent. Though if there's one place you should start with Failure, it's the song "Another Space Song" from their 1996 record Fantastic Planet.

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Guitarist Greg Edwards said in an interview with Revolver that the song is probably their most popular despite never being a single or never having a music video.

"I think I’d have to go with 'Another Space Song', from Fantastic Planet, because it encompasses … everything. And it’s maybe our most popular song, in terms of streaming. Which is interesting because it was never a single, there’s no video for it. I was really surprised; I think it was only three or four months ago that I became aware of that.

"For the first time I was really looking at the streaming numbers and it was shocking. I don’t know how that happened… We never got a sync thing for a Netflix show. There’s no reason other than a complete organic natural progression. I haven’t seen anything that explains it, other than people hear the song, or Shazam the song, and tell friends about it.

"'Another Space Song' was a song that I was really excited about when we first had the idea for it back in 1994 when we were working on it and recording it for the record. But I had the feeling that it was just going to be a really cool album cut that I would always enjoy hearing. So it’s great when something like that becomes one of our most popular songs."

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