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EXTOL Teases Upcoming Live Performances

For the first time in eight years we'll be seeing Extol hit the stage! YES!

For the first time in eight years we'll be seeing Extol hit the stage! YES!

Extol's return to being a band in 2013 was a pretty huge deal- the band dropped The Blueprint Dives in 2005, did a few shows here and there and then went on a hiatus with no real indication they'd be returning anytime soon. Then out of nowhere they wrote and recorded their 2013 self-titled album that went over extremely well and they were back, though there was no mention of any live performances. Not that it was an expected thing they'd return to the stage, but fans (including myself) were hopeful and still are. Fortunately live Extol will become a reality in 2014! From their website:

"It is now 20 years since Extol played the very first concert – in Sandvika, Norway May 17th 1994 to be precise. We want to celebrate this anniversary with some very few exclusive live shows later on this year!

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The last concert Extol did was in Allingsås, Sweden November 26th 2006, so it´s been a while.. We are really looking forward to getting on a stage again, playing both new and old songs, and off course meeting our fans and friends! Waiting more than 7 years is just way too long..!

More info coming soon."

Couple that with the above picture the band posted to their Facebook and you've got yourself a spicy recipe for a big ol' excitement sandwich. I'm curious to see how they'll handle the live situation instrumentally considering they've never played as a trio before. Obviously David Husvik will handle drums, but Ole Børud recorded all the guitars and basses for the album. So maybe vocalist Peter Espevoll will pick up bass for the shows? Unless they get a few musicians to help 'em out.

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