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EXTOL Kind-Of Announce Documentary Release And New Music

Extol are absolute legends, and for the first time in eight years they're doing some new music along with a documentary. On a scale on one to psyched out of your mine, how psyched are you?

Let's take that in the order of mention! First of all, Extol have opened up a new merchandise store, which has a few new shirts the band took a poll on about a month or so back. For the sake of looking like a huge metal hipster, I already ordered the Undeceived one and will be promptly rocking it upon its arrival. The alternate logo they did on the second shirt is really cool; it's tastefully modern without beating you over the head screaming "IS THIS METAL ENOUGH YET?" Then there's the top left gray shirt, which is simply titled "Of Light and Shade Documentary" shirt, so lets back up a second and get you all learned on that.

  • The band announced their return to the metal scene via a series of YouTube trailers last year, signaling they'd just be doing a documentary.
  • The third trailer hinted at some new music… and by hinted, I mean blatantly told you without saying it.
  • The band created an IndieGoGo campaign to fulfill the costs of the documentary (before every person ont eh face of the earth was funding their musical endeavors with that site).

Okay, so documentary. After they funded it, the band went pretty quiet about the whole thing. There were some exclusive shirt perks on IndieGoGo, but you never got to see them either. I guess these are the shirts? Or an alternate shirt that you can get with the documentary? They also pretty much announced that the documentary will be called "Of Light and Shade" with that shirt. The shirt ships on April 30th, which I assume means the documentary is out then too? That only makes sense since that's how pre-orders work and stuff. Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for anything coming from the Extol camp this year (mainly a new album), since they just keep dead quiet about things until surprise! They're out for public consumption.

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