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EXODUS Vocalist ZETRO Recounts The Worst Show He Ever Played

Alcohol was involved and Gary Holt was pissed.

Steve Souza

Exodus has played their fair shore of shows over the past few decades, but one in particular stands out as the worst to Steve "Zetro" Souza. In an interview with Put Up Your Dukes with ex-Exodus vocalist Rob Dukes, Souza said he got way too drunk before hitting the stage in 1989 while on tour with Anthrax and Helloween.

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"I remember we were on the 'Headbangers Ball' tour and we were in New Orleans. And I love Slurpees — not as much anymore 'cause of my transformation lately, but I love Slurpees. And we got to the French Quarter, and Hurricanes are like Slurpees with fucking alcohol in them. So I was drinking 'em, and I didn't really taste the booze and they are high-alcohol-contented drinks. And I drank, like, five of them. And on those tours, we were on stage at, like, 7:30 or something, eight o'clock. It was an arena tour, so it stated early. Helloween went on, then us. So we were [scheduled to go on at] 7:30. And I went on stage, and I had to be the worst 'cause I was so fucking shitfaced; I couldn't even remember the words and I was spinning. And it was just awful. Gary was none too happy with me."

"I'd never been the French Quarter before, so our manager was there with us, Toni, and she's all, 'Oh, let's take a cab and go.' And I'm walking around. I'm, like, 'Wait a minute. They've got drink places right on the street?' I'm all, 'Fuck me.' I'm all, 'What do you got that kind of tastes like a Slurpee?' They're all, 'I have a Hurricane.' I'm, like, 'Okay. Cool.' I'm all, 'It does taste like a Slurpee.' I [had] five of those — five of them. And now if I drank a half of one, I'd be throwing up, let alone five of them. But I was 26 at that time, and we did do party back in those days, so it's not saying my body wasn't like an athlete, physically ready for it. But that was probably the worst time on stage. Although I'll say — and not to be arrogant — I try not to ever have bad shows, regardless of how much I need to prepare myself for it."

Souza stuck with the band until 1993, fronted them again between 2002 and 2004, and then again from 2014 to present day.

[via Blabbermouth]

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