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Ex-TYPE O NEGATIVE Drummer Wouldn't Want A Dude Fronting A PETER STEELE Tribute Show

All purely hypothetical, of course.

Type O Negative – Christian Woman

Type O Negative ended in 2010 with the death of bassist and vocalist Peter Steele. Since then, the band's members have gone on to play in other successful projects (except for keyboardist Josh Silver who became an EMT), and that was that for Type O Negative. Drummer Johnny Kelly was recently asked in an episode of Loaded Radio if there was any chance of a Peter Steele tribute show happening to commemorate the band, to which he pretty much said "nope."

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"Coffee talk. There was never any serious consideration, like, should we do something? Is there even a point of doing it? Or also, is it just a blatant cash grab? So all these things go through your head.

"Maybe somewhere down the road there may be something that's… I don't know," he added. "But I know that for me, it would have to include Kenny and Josh as well. Anything that we do, it would have to be the three of us. And there's no way you're getting Josh to do anything like that."

When asked who would front a hypothetical tribute show, Kelly gave a pretty interesting answer – Ann Wilson of Heart.

"I don't know. I'd want a girl to do it. I'd want a female vocalist — like Ann Wilson or something like that. But even so, that's the first thing. When you think about doing some kind of tribute show, you're just gonna get all these people… Yes, Peter was very highly regarded by our peers and stuff like that, and you'll just get a bunch of dudes up there just trying to sound like Peter. And you can't do that. And it's, like, all right, so what's the most remote thing from Peter? You'd have to do something completely abstract. And I would say get a female vocalist. I think Peter would get a kick out of… He would get off on seeing a girl sing his songs, seeing a female sing them. And it would really stress the point of doing something as a tribute instead of trying to recreate something."

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Granted it doesn't sound like this is ever going to happen… but I mean, I'm at least a little curious about how that would go.

[via Blabbermouth]

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