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ENTER SHIKARI Frontman Throws Punches After Fan Wouldn't Stop Grabbing His Junk

What the hell is going on??

What the hell is going on??

There must've been something in the cosmos yesterday, because frontmen just kept swinging at fans. We already reported about an incident at a Black Veil Brides show and Lambgoat is reporting there was another incident at a separate show last night, UK post-hardcore group Enter Shikari were playing a gig in Portsmouth, UK, and frontman Rou Reynolds went into the crowd, and after being groped multiple times, decided to lash out. A video has surfaced of the event:

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Reynolds has since commented on the matter:

"Just seen this video and in order to stop speculation just thought I'd clear up what happened.

"After performing the end of 'Radiate' in the crowd some people behind me began trying to pull my trousers down. I tried to push them away a few times but due to the density of the crowd this didn't work. It then progressed (perhaps fuelled by some sort of stubborn oneupmanship) and I began to have my buttocks and my… er, 'undercarriage' groped. At this point I spun round pretty shocked and intimidated and asked angrily if they "wanted a punch" – lighter approaches having not worked! – hoping his would stop it.

"That seemed to do the opposite and gave them more vigour. I defy anyone to have their scrotum grabbed and not lash out instinctively…

"Obviously violence is never the answer and I'm very unhappy personally with how I acted. I should have left the crowd and headed back to stage immediately when this started happening but due to the density of the crowd and the intensity of the situation things played out differently, I'm only human.

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"The rest of the show was thoroughly enjoyable and the audience overall were great. Everyone else we met before and after the show was absolutely lovely too. It's a shame but obviously because of this incident I won't be heading into densely packed crowds in the near future.

"P.S. To address the 'they paid to see you, so it doesn't matter what they did…' argument; the ticket price for an Enter Shikari show doesn't include free access to my gonads I'm afraid. You're not a doctor. And I'm not a prostitute.

"We appreciate and respect every single person that supports us and all we ask in return is respect back. The way this person/people acted was not respectful whatsoever."

Look, sexual assault, no matter the situation or gender is never okay. Did Reynolds maybe overreact a little? Possibly. But I can see how somebody constantly grabbing at his junk, after he repeatedly was warned not to could upset a person.

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