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EMMURE Frontman Personally Soliciting Donations From Fans Under The Guise of A "Fanclub"

This is a unique way to start a fan club.


Something seems a little off about the newest venture by Emmure frontman Frankie Palmeri. Emmure have been inactive for most of the year, but returned last week with a new single. And it turns out a new business venture.

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Lambgoat is reporting that a few readers have reached out to let them know that Palmeri has been sending Emmure fans private messages soliciting $100 for what he calls would be a donation to the "Emmure cult."

Palmeri would initiate the messages with a greeting asking "hey there got a second?" and then he would follow up with this proposal:

"Thanks! So I'm reaching out to people (hopefully true fans) asking if they would be able to make a $100 donation to the Emmure cult. But it's not just a $100 donation via PayPal, it also signs you up to our exclusive email list and gives donation members access to free VIP and guest list spots at future shows plus exclusive merch items both at our shows and online. The current industry climate is pretty rough, so we want to give the fans a chance to be invested in what we do while supporting us. These spots are limited, so let me know if you're interested and I'll supply the necessary info."

There are some huge red flags here. Namely, why is Frankie personally messaging these people, as opposed to going through the Emmure account. Also, if this was a legit venture, why not set up some sort of Patreon or Indiegogo account so that there could be some accountability.

Naturally, some fans are questioning the authenticity of this.

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Ultimately, we hope Palmeri is doing okay and this isn't another Blake Judd situation. Musical tastes aside, we would not wish ill will on anybody.

Update: After Metal Injection and several other outlets reported on the matter, Palmeri has publicly tweeted that he is refunding all donations because he "doesn't have the mental energy to deal with all the negativity surrounding something that is harmless and benefited EVERYONE involved."

EMMURE Frontman Personally Soliciting Donations From Fans Under The Guise of A "Fanclub"

EMMURE Frontman Personally Soliciting Donations From Fans Under The Guise of A "Fanclub"

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