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Drunk Driver Crashes Into NORMA JEAN Vocalist Cory Brandan's House

Stay sober, kids.

How drunk do you have to be to completely go off the road, drive across someone's property, hit their house, and then blame it on not knowing the area? Pretty damn drunk, as Norma Jean vocalist Cory Brandan found out.

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Brandan took to Twitter to briefly chronicle the event, adding that everyone in the house was fine and it's just property damage.

Someone crashed into my house!

Everything is fine. Crushed part of my wall. They were both hammered. Driver got arrested. They were trying to leave when I went out and the woman driving was like “I don’t know this area very well and made a bad turn” LOL!

Into a ditch, across my driveway, through my yard, all the way into my house.

Brandan also added that the driver was arrested.

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