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We Invited Phil Labonte To Debate Us, This Is How He Chose To Respond…

Some grade-A drama in here!

Some grade-A drama in here!

Over the years, we've been very critical of All That Remains frontman Phil Labonte. You may recall back in 2011 we called Phil Labonte a homophobic asshole, which we eventually recanted… he's just an asshole. You see, he has gay friends. A few years ago, he tried to call us out on Twitter, but accidentally called out another site. Earlier this year, he may have said the dumbest thing ever in regards to this debate and then eventually went on MSNBC and basically admitted he's just trolling.

We've obviously covered all of this controversy, and then stirred the pot ourselves. Instead of another Twitter back and forth, I thought the best way to debate would be during a conversation. Since Phil is a busy guy, we figured he might be into debating his controversial statements on our weekly live podcast, the RIP a Livecast this Sunday.

We could've went and made a whole public show of this, but we wanted to be respectful. We reached out to All That Remains' publicist and requested an interview. Shortly thereafter, they politely declined. Moments after the decline, the publicist apologized to me because of what Phil said on social media. So, at this point, he's made this whole thing public. Naturally, I had to respond. What ensued was pretty damn hilarious. We've "storified" it below.
First, Phil refused to debate us. He didn't realize it was me tweeting him back initially. Then, after being baited by other people, Phil put it to a vote. Then, his wife chimes in towards the end. And ultimately, he declined because… let's be honest. He would lose the debate. It's a shame. I really wanted to have an intellectual discussion with him, and not have to resort to name-calling on Twitter. You can read the hilarious exchange below.

Phil, if you change your mind, our number is 646-929-1357 and we go live this Sunday from 6pm to 8pm eastern.

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