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Vinne Paul Says Phil Anselmo Has Tarnished The Image PANTERA

Hellyeah is still not stoked on its past.

Hellyeah is still not stoked on its past.

Ex-Pantera bandmates Phil Anselmo and Vinnie Paul haven't gotten along in quite some time, and it sure as hell doesn't seem like that hatchet is being buried anytime soon either. While Phil Anselmo thinks it's time for peace, Vinnie feels differently.

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In an interview with R7 (below), Vinnie Paul says Anselmo's actions in recent times have really tarnished what Pantera was about in retrospect. Obviously he's referring to the "white power" incident, mainly.

"I can't speak for him. He's done a lot of things that tarnish the image of what Pantera was back then and what it stood for and what it was all about. And it's sad. But I carry on with what I do, which is Hellyeah, which I'm very, very proud of. And, you know, I can't control anything that goes on with that dude. I mean, honestly, I haven't spoken to him since 2000. So there you have it."

Just in case you thought for even once second we'd see those two dudes together and friendly again, you're probably not. Though this might be more of Hellyeah trying to get rid of its past and talking about how great Hellyeah is, which seems to be every interview with that band ever.

[via Blabbermouth]

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