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UPON A BURNING BODY Frontman (Allegedly) Got His Ass Kicked By Former GWAR Frontwoman

The last time we wrote about Upon A Burning Body, we were chastising their incredibly dumb PR stunt for suggesting frontman Danny Leal is missing. Today, Leal is making headlines for a completely different reason.

Lambgoat reports there was an altercation at Heavy Montreal over the weekend where Leal allegedly tried to grab a woman's rear and then when the women did not respond kindly, he said some unkind words. One of the females happened to be Kim Dylla, the woman who formerly played Vulvatron in Gwar, and a trained pro-wrestler, who then attacked Leal.

Dylla posted the following on her personal Facebook page:


Lambgoat additionally got these comments from Dylla:

"My message is don't come up and grab strange women's asses randomly and then when they push you off say 'fuck you whores, I fuck better women every day'… and then not expect someone to act defensively. Security was nowhere to be found so I thought it would be best to put him in a restraint til they did. I hit him in the glasses with my beer then got a chokehold on in 10 seconds. Threw him out of our area and said don't treat women like that you entitled dick. He came back with 5 of his friends (I wonder what he told his posse that he needed backup for…) and we had gotten security by then. He was still mouthing off about wanting to hit 'whores' so they escorted him out and he said, 'Don't you know who I am? I'm a performer.'"

Upon A Burning Body have yet to comment on the incident. According to ThePRP, Dylla was at the festival for a pro wrestling event.

Dylla was dismissed from GWAR earlier this year, after allegedly having alcohol issueshaving alcohol issues.

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