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Tommy Lee Reveals How Much He Spent on Son's Rehab Because…Uhh, He Wanted To Show What A Good Father He Is?

One of Tommy's assosiates probably should take away his social media. 

One of Tommy's assosiates probably should take away his social media. 

Tommy Lee and his son, Brandon, have been feuding in the public eye for a while, and while Brandon has not exactly looked great, he's a 21 year old kid. Tommy Lee is 55. The drama came into the public eye when Brandon punched his father and gave him a fat lip after Tommy went off in public about some comments his ex-wife, and Brandon's mom, Pamela Anderson made in an interview.

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The wound was ripped back open this weekend when Tommy posted a Father's Day message thanking his dad but ultimately saying he failed as a father. "My father taught me to respect everyone and everything and to take care of those that I loved. He taught me to appreciate my possessions, and to be grateful for the things I was given. I’ve fucked up at times but I’ve always bounced back. When I had a child, my first child, I wanted to instill those same virtues into him. Sometimes I feel like I failed as a father, because my kids don’t know the value of things. If they break something, they don’t care because they know they’ll just get a new one." He partially blamed that on their mother spoiling them.

This resulted in Brandon briefly posting video of his dad knocked out, then deleting it and writing that his dad should not take this stuff public and said he didn't wish his dad a Father's Day because his dad didn't even bother wishing him a happy birthday. He previously criticized Tommy Lee for nothing showing up to previous birthdays and baseball games.

Tommy Lee, being the mature adult, decided to then tweet how much he spent on Brandon's birthday party the previous year and that he paid for his son to go to rehab.

It's so weird that Lee is "mic dropping" his own son and bragging about sending him to rehab. Tommy, you're the adult here. One of Tommy's assosiates probably should take away his social media.

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