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This Woman Thinks She's Engaged To POISON's Bret Michaels & Is Texting Buddies with MOTLEY CRUE's Nikki Sixx


Posion frontman Bret Michaels and Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx are two musicians that are quite famous and likely have pretty busy days. But they seem to be free enough to be texting with one of their fans, Tina, who believes she is engaged to Michaels and BFFs with Sixx.

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On a recentedition of the Dr. Phil show, host Phil McGraw interviewed a woman named Vivian, who believes her friend Tina is being catfished.

"My relationship with Nikki Sixx is a solid, good friendship," Tina says during an interview. "And we have great communication between each other."

As for why she hasn't actually spoken on the phone to Sixx, Tina has a perfectly. reasonable explanation. "We speak eight to 10 times in a day, mainly through text. He can't talk on the phone because his management won't allow it." Pesky management, always getting in the way of true friendship.

Tina goes on to say they briefly FaceTimed, but due to audio problems during the call she was not able to understand what he was saying. Tina claims Sixx sent her a photo of him holding his driver's license. Turns out Sixx isn't the only one battling for Tina's affection.

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During the clip, Dr. Phil says "Vivian [Tina's Friend] says Tina is also being conned and catfished by an imposter posing as Bret Michaels. Yes, that's right — Tina believes that not one, but two famous rock stars are actually fighting over her. Tina claims she is not only in a committed romantic relationship with superstar Bret Michaels, they are also engaged."

Tina says "I love Bret Michaels and he loves me. Because I am a larger woman, [Vivian] feels that I am not the typical rock star girlfriend-type." After three weeks of texting, Tina claims Michaels told her he was in love and they eventually took an oath over a Bible that they "be devoted to each other," despite never meeting in person. Tina obviously said yes.

"When Nikki found out I was talking to Bret, he was not happy," Tina admitted. "Both of them didn't want me talking to either one of them."

Eventually, Phil proves to her she's being catfished. Here is some video from the episode:

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