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Sumerian Records Slams KID ROCK Over Donald Trump Merchandise

How will this play out?

How will this play out?

Last week, Kid Rock released a controversial line of merchandise in support of Donald Trump. The most controversial was a reprinting of a meme online depicting a map of the United States, with the states that voted Republican marked as "United States of America" and the ones that voted Democrat marked as "Dumbfuckistan." There are various versions of the meme online, the first one I saw had the two labels switched (the Republican states were the ones labeled as "Dumbfuckistan")

Shortly after the shirts were released, Kid Rock was announced as a headliner of Northern Invasion in Wisconsin. Sumerian Records, the record label of one of the support acts on the show, Bad Omens, was none too pleased to share the bill with Rock, who they label "the epitome of closed-minded bullshit." Here's Sumerian Records' full statement:

“While we are excited to have [Bad Omens] on [Northern Invasion] we would like to remind you that [Kid Rock] is currently selling and promoting this tshirt. This is the epitome of closed-minded bullshit that is the opposite of rock & roll and everything our music stands against. Diversity is the beauty of life.

“This post is not about who you voted for. It’s about accepting each other knowing there will be different opinions rather than generalizing and bashing millons of fellow Americans. We love California and we love Texas too. This type of hate should not be tolerated in our community. He should be playing shows with Ted Nugent, not Soundgarden and Opeth.”

It would be interesting to see how this plays out, if Bad Omens drops off or is kicked off based on these statements.

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