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STAIND's Aaron Lewis Changes "If I Were The Devil" Lyrics To "If I Were A Liberal"

Just in case fans didn't get it the first time, I guess?

aaron lewis staind

America is slowly healing again, thanks in large part to the ongoing acoustic drive-in tour featuring Godsmack frontman Sully Erna and Staind frontman Aaron Lewis, in person, side by side at a theater near you. Our friends at Rock Feed picked up that Lewis has been performing one of his famous bangers, "If I Were The Devil" but he changed the lyrics to the far more clever "If I Were A Liberal."

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Some of the lyrics of this masterpiece include hot fire bars like "If I were the devil, I'd find a way somehow, To make man think he created God and not the other way around, And what you see on TV, will seem like the gospel truth, And I'd make right look so wrong I'd make wrong look so cool" and "If I were the devil, everyone would just see color. And I'd take all religions and I'd turn them against each other,"

So I guess Aaron felt he wasn't being on the nose enough with this stuff. So, just to make things perfectly clear to his audience, and likely to get a cheap pop, Aaron has been performing this same song, but replacing devil with liberal. Ha! Man, he got liberals so good.

You see, because liberals are the devil… to Aaron Lewis, at least.

Watch Aaron work his magic:

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