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Singapore Promoter Accuses SOILWORK Of Lying About Vocalist's Surgery

He does make a decent point.

Soilwork band

The drama surrounding Soilwork playing Singapore on October 29 started back in March. There was a petition floating around for both Soilwork and Watain to be banned from playing the country because "Their subliminal messages in their songs include death and suicide," though Soilwork seemingly kept the date.

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Then on October 26, Soilwork announced they wouldn't make the show after all due to a "combination of events." Namely that vocalist Björn Strid "recently underwent major surgery for varicose veins in his left leg" and that he "is still in rehabilitation process and need to do a follow-up appointment at the clinic and is not recommended to travel before Oct 29th." Good reason to cancel the show, right? Well Singaporean promoter Street Noise SG isn't buying it.

Street Noise SG notes that Soilwork is still playing their October 31 show in Australia and is curious how this could be given the surgery. So who really knows what's going on here. Though to be fair to Soilwork, they did say Strid is "not recommended to travel before Oct 29th," and the Australian show is on October 31.

Soilwork has not yet responded to Street Noise NG, if they're even aware of what they're being accused of at this point.[0]=68.ARBVtib6XVY-gO4GaIDumWZMJZ1nbwRheDrVJ74CriAgIzqBbNYUeShSBllOp1suTXU4pgIsK7QjkqouYPQd5cL3QEsttpWx7CWNk_bD50TjxKhnHyq19i69OyrEA5U_HtXrFFW0xdMKCoAFh-twM3BBJDHparsjlzYeeEfOW3iW2xJrT0HMhUhJlG0_5m2kOT2BwlYN1-Y5BFOSzeRfnJyDiIV8zdqOH3sNl993TKnxB-_lV_e6J3POh-HktEJeJZLoexbfy42SIV_nlQ4RCMJqkRZkKZ2A4aLHJ-mZWLu6X5OLq7I2KHvCOp0rzszqs1qtJITqel74M4Okpmzjhg&tn=-R

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