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Sebastian Bach Says He Was Almost Asked To Join MOTLEY CRUE, Nikki Sixx Says Not So Fast

Friday afternoon is the perfect time for some hair metal drama. Sebastian Bach has historically been known to talk a lot of crap. In all fairness, the dude seems harmless and like a funny guy for the brief few minutes we talked on the red carpet of the Golden Gods.

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Turns out now he's going around telling people that he was asked to replace Vince Neil in Motley Crue in 1992, when Crue kicked Neil out of the band. One problem, nobody in Motley Crue remembers this. 

The tweet that started it all was when a fan asked Bach about Motley Crue:

The joke is that Skid Row kicked Bach out too, hahahahahaha.

Everybody was all like say what? Sure enough, this news got back to founding Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx who hosts a weekly radio show called Sixx AM, where he flat-out denied the claims saying:

“I don’t know where Sebastian got this. I think maybe Sebastian wanted to be in Motley Crue and just forgot to tell us that he wanted to be in Motley Crue when we were looking for a singer. Which I don’t think we would have taken him anyway, just because of our friends from Skid Row.”

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Sixx went on to say that Skid Row guitarist Snake Sabo was one of his best friends at the time and would never pluck Bach from his friend's band.

So, that's it right? Story's over? WRONG!

Bach, not one to be called out on his bullshit, took to Facebook this time, for a much much longer diatribe claiming he even rehearsed with the band.

First, Bach went off on a long tirade that the media took a three-word tweet and turned into headline news:

The next day I woke up and saw that my tweet had actually become headline news on every single rock music website. Every single rock music radio station. Every single rock news outlet, radio, web, or print, was reporting "Sebastian Bach asked to join Motley Crue". I laughed that all of these supposed "news outlets" have nothing better to do then go to my Twitter page to manufacture 'news' stories. None of these "news stories" had any actual quotes by me. Or anything that I actually said. Every single article just copied and pasted my tweet. It is incredible to me that my Twitter feed is a source of 'news' for every rock news outlet around the world.

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Apparently, Bach just discovered how Twitter works yesterday. Also, there was this extremely self-aware line in his long rant:

Why people are constantly fixated on what happened in 1991 is completely beyond me. But that's just the way it is

Baz, people being fixated on 1991 is what's keeping you in business, buddy! He then questions Sixx's memory:

In his 'diary', Nikki tells a story about the 'Theater of Pain' Tour & how I kicked in the window of the CNE Stadium door on the afternoon of the show and let all of the fans in at three in the afternoon. Being that his book is a "diary", you would think that this would be accurate information. But in actual fact, this whole incident did not even happen on the 'Theater of Pain' tour. In fact, this incident occurred on the "Shout at the Devil" tour. About 3 or 4 years before "Theatre of Pain". So does that mean Nikki Sixx's 'claim' that his 'book' is a 'diary' is 'absolutely not true'? Do I think Nikki Sixx is actually 'lying'? Not really. I am sure that all of the heroin and partying and drinking would affect a man's memory.

Bach is mounting quite a defense here…

The fact of the matter is I was not only asked to join Motley Crue….. I actually REHEARSED with the band Motley Crue. I was driven to rehearsal by Tommy Lee and I spent a full day singing the Motley Crue set with the band Motley Crue. In front of their whole road crew. I remember the songs that Nikki asked me to sing that day. I remember the whole road crews' ecstatic reaction to us jamming together all day. And I remember Nikki's very generous, kind offer, at the end of our rehearsal, for me to join the band Motley Crue. I remember his exact words, that he said to me in front of his whole road crew, Tommy, and Mick as well. It's not every day that your hero asks you to join his band.

Bach then goes on to say that he will go in further detail in his forthcoming autobiography. Oh, ok, so this is all just to fluff up his book deal. Why didn't you say so, Baz? At this point, I don't see why Nikki Sixx would lie or forget this. He claims he was sober in '91, so drugs can't be the reason. Either way, thanks for the Friday drama!

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[via Metal Insider]

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