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Rex Brown Slams Original PANTERA Vocalist Terry Glaze, Says Earlier Material Won't Be Reissued

"Unless Philip's singing on it, it's not Pantera."

rex brown

Before Pantera was the groove metal powerhouse that made a permanent mark on all of metal, they were an okay glam band fronted by vocalist Terry Glaze. Glaze did three records with the band – Metal Magic in 1983, Projects in the Jungle in 1984, and I Am the Night in 1985 – before being replaced by Phil Anselmo.

According to bassist Rex Brown in an interview with Eon Music, Pantera was going nowhere with Glaze and it still pisses him off that he still sees Glaze commenting on the band. Brown even goes as far as to say "Unless Philip's singing on it, it's not Pantera."

"The old singer? Shit, it was going nowhere really quick," he said. "He just was not on the same wavelength as the three of us. The dude's never had a job in his life. I see him shootin' his mouth off in some of these magazines, and it's, like, 'Dude, you were in the band for fuckin' four years,' you know what I'm saying? 'Now you're wanting claim to fame 35 years later? Sorry, pal, you missed the boat!' So I don't want to give any credit where it's fuckin' undue, you know? Once we got Philip in the band, it developed into something else, and that was the Pantera that we know now, and that's why we never talk about those old records."

"Hey, look, it's great to go back memory lane and all that kind of stuff, but those are the farthest things that I wake up for in the first of the morning. 'Oh, remember that one tune 'Nothing On (But The Radio)', and the singer?' No! I mean, I hate fucking songs like that, but it was a growing process, and now, because the things are out, and they've been bootleged a hundred thousand times, people consider it a part of our history. It's not. Unless Philip's singing on it, it's not Pantera. That's the way I look at it."

Brown also goes on record to say that Pantera will never reissue the Glaze-era records. Though the real question is when are we getting a Power Metal reissue? That's the 1988 record fronted by Anselmo (so it's Pantera) that isn't quite glam metal, but is certainly a far cry from the Glaze records.

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