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Revolver Magazine Insinuates There's "Zero Likelihood" KORN Will Ever Be On Their Cover Again

Korn just got creamed.

Korn just got creamed.

Remember when Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis pointed out he was not included on the cover of Revolver's Golden Gods illustration cover? Everyone thought it was pretty suspicious, include the frontman himself, yet there was no reason given by anyone at the magazine as to why the omission occured? It turns out the issue finally came out and the magazine let everyone know exactly what was up in in a tiny note in their footnotes, which they call "The Index".

“Number of rock and metal icons who were booked to jam with performing bands at the Golden Gods this year but various reasons (mostly, the groups they were supposed to jam with flaking out, pussing out, or just being fucking stupid) did not ultimately play at the show: 6—at least

Number of bands that have cancelled one performance at the Golden Gods, let alone two performances: 1

Likelihood that said band will ever appear on the cover of Revolver again: 0″

It's safe to assume they mean Korn. The "other performance" they're referencing is the one from 2012, which Korn also backed out of. As we've previously reported, the editors of the magazine were very upset that Korn backed out for the second time, at the eleventh hour. There is a bit more to the story, but it's safe to say Revolver won't be going out of their way to promote Korn anymore.

[via The PRP]

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