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Max Cavalera's Wife Slams At Derrick Green on SEPULTURA Reunion Talk: "Fuck You"

max cavalera derrick green sepultura

We've went out of our way to ask reporters and metal blogs to just stop asking former and current Sepultura members about a possible reunion of the original lineup. Both parties are existing just fine, and then a few reporters had to go and ask Sepultura about it and now there is drama again.

The classic lineup of the band had a big falling out in 1996, when the band decided to split with Gloria Cavalera, Max's wife, as their manager. That didn't sit well with Max so he left. Max's brother, Igor, ended up leaving the band a decade later.

People haven't been able to stop asking about this to all parties ever since. The latest was when current Sepultura frontman Derrick Green was on the "Scars And Guitars" podcast and was asked why fans still clamor for a reunion with Max. An odd question to ask Derrick, no doubt, but he handled it with grace:

"I think for some people, it's hard for them to really move on. It's hard for people to change in general — for the fact that they're fearful of change, because of the unexpected when changing. It's hard for certain people, but that's okay. It's not where we're at musically, and thank god that we were able to move forward and not only rely on the past. I think it's natural for certain people that they gravitate to something that they've known from the past, and maybe that's just where they like to have their heads."

He continued: "I never wanted to be in that position, just because I'm an artist and, for me, it's important to really explore and to evolve, and change is actually necessary. And that's something that's happening in all of our lives, so I accept it and go with it and living within the moments that are happening now."

I guess that didn't really sit well with Max's wife and manager, Gloria, who decided to respond to the quote on Facebook earlier today, making a public post saying:

Hey I have a shout out! Fuck You! Max and Iggor never ever talk about a reunion. Why do you think they left? Lol. You’re needing to talk about Max and Iggor to get some press?? Yeah it is hard for YOU to move on! Max and Igor can Return to their Roots and all you can do is sing lyrics my husband wrote!

There is so much bad blood on all sides, I just can't ever see them resolving it. And by just can never see, I mean, of course, it would take A LOT OF MONEY for all these feelings to be mended and all the demands to be met. And so, we shall never see a Sepultura reunion. But that's fine. Max and Iggor have Cavalera Conspiracy, which is a lot of fun. And Sepultura are still kicking ass and put on a hell of a show live.

[via Blabbermouth]

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