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Max Cavalera's New Book Details Why He Left SEPULTURA; Says Band Has Been "Taken Hostage" By Andreas Kisser

Max Cavalera is dropping his autobiography "My Bloody Roots" in North American sometime in February 2014, while in other countries like Brazil and Poland it's already out. The book gets into the nitty gritty of exactly what happened to Sepultura and how they got "taken hostage" from him by current guitarist Andreas Kisser! Crazy!

About the Sepultura split part in the book:

"A lot of people especially like the part when I talk about the split from Sepultura, because I really explains my side of the story, about how I really felt, and why I left my own band. And a lot of people, after they read that, they will understand. And, for them, it makes sense that I did what I did, that I left Sepultura. They would have done the same. After they read it, they understand why I did it, and it makes sense after you read what I said about the split, you’d think that it was the rational thing to do, for me, was to leave them, you know. Even though it was my own band from the beginning, it was kind of like, all of my integrity, you know, and that’s why I decided to leave. It’s going to be great. It tells all of those stories, and puts kind of a final stamp on the whole 'Sepultura split' shit, and talks about Soulfly and how it was created, and how cool Soulfly was building over the years, and the cool people I worked with."

About why he didn't just fire the entire band and start again with a new Sepultura lineup:

"Yeah, I couldn’t do that. There were contracts and there was a bunch of legal shit like that. My only options were, at that time, was to stay with them and do what they wanted me to do, which was fire Gloria, which I thought was the wrong thing to do, or me leaving. And I was left with no choice, so I ended up just leaving it. I had faith in myself that I would do something else. I didn’t know exactly what it was, what I was going to do right away."

And how guitarist Andreas Kisser "held the band hostage":

"Yeah, that’s all propaganda. Everybody that reads the book will understand why I did it. And, you know, everybody that knows what’s going on knows that that band is actually taken hostage by Andreas, by guys that weren’t even there in the beginning. They were not there in the beginning. Sepultura was formed by me and Igor, it had all different people. Paolo and Derrick are not former band members; they are not original band members. The way I see it, they took the band hostage, and they are just using the name, promoting themselves. But, they’re dragging the name down, because they’re getting less and less popular, and I don’t really hear anything good about their records. So, it’s like, to me, I don’t really care what they do. You know, for me there’s always the classic Sepultura that I love. I think we did some amazing records, but it’s all in the past."

Interesting. I might have to pick this book up if just for the Sepultura part, just to see what Cavalera has to say about it all! Or the Eddie Vedder puke thing. Definitely one of those two.

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