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LITA FORD's Bitter Divorce: Report Claims Her Children Feared She Would Kill Them

Family drama.

Family drama.

You may or may not know that Lita Ford was married to Nitro singer Jim Gillette. Perhaps you saw othis article where they share too many details about their sex live. They have two children together. To say they are going through a bitter divorce would be a hell of an understatement.

The trouble started when Ford was trying to secure a reality show for the family similar to The Osbournes. Apparently, the fallout from that was so rough that Gillette decided to file for divorce. Ford was apparently painting herself as the victim, and Gillette has finally decided to respond to hair metal gossip site, Metal Sludge writing that he has sole legal custody of his two sons:

First of all and for the record, I have sole legal and physical custody of our sons. I think that should tell you just about all you need to know since it’s nearly impossible for a father to get that kind of result in a highly regarded US court. Unfortunately, it goes much further than that. As heartbreaking and unbelievable as this might sound, Lita Ford is not even allowed to see our sons by way of an agreed upon court order. This order was signed after nearly two years of litigation – during which time the courts only allowed her supervised visitation.

[..] Not many people know about this as up until now I’ve kept my mouth shut. Our sons have urged me for years to tell the world our side of the story but this is all I’m prepared to share at this point in time. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that’s been so kind and supportive of the boys and me.

Apparently, that wasn't enough so today Gillette offered Metal Sludge a sheriff's police report. You can read it below, but the gist is after a domestic violence call, Gillette was ordered to leave the house and the kids were told to stay with their mom. The kids were incredibly upset and afraid of being left with their mother, thinking she would kill them. The kids told the cops that Ford was violent towards Gillette with Gillette never hitting back.


Ford alleges that Gillette hit her, which was the reason for the call. Some cynics may assume that the kids are on their dad's side because he was telling them what to say. Gillette reassured Metal Sludge that was not the case:

“Remember, this divorce lasted nearly 2 years. This included, psychiatric evaluations of all parties. A plethora of doctors, psychiatrists and other professionals that had all of us under a microscope. There was no way Lita or I could have deceived them for that long.”

Ironically, this is all playing out like daytime television. You can read the entire Gillette interview here.

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