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Let's Compare Rob Dukes' & Steve Souza's Vocal Tracks on This Newer EXDOUS Tune

Dukes vs. Zetro – who ya got?

Dukes vs. Zetro – who ya got?

Last year, Exodus surprised the metal world by announcing they had reunited with longtime vocalist Steve "Zetro" Souza and in turn dropped vocalist Rob Dukes.

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At the time, the band were working on their new album, Blood In, Blood Out. There were reports that the band had the whole album recorded with Dukes on vocals at the time, and were going to re-do it with Zetro. Of course, the album came out late last year and Zetro was on every track. But what would the Dukes' version of those songs sound like?

Well, a version of the band's lead single, "Salt The Wound," has surfaced with Rob Dukes' original vocals in place. Coincidentally, this is the song on the album with the Kirk Hammett guest solo. So let's compare and contrast.

Rob Dukes' version:

Steve "Zetro" Souza version:

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Listening to the two tracks back to back, the difference in vocal delivery is immediately evident. Dukes goes for a deeper vocal delivery while Zetro goes for a higher-pitch delivery. While ultimately, I feel like I prefer the Dukes version, Zetro's version sounds like what Exodus traditionally sounded like, or rather the sound I associate with the band. But that's just my opinion. Which version do you think is superior? Vote below…

[via MetalSucks]

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