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Jonathan Davis: SEPULTURA's Roots Was Blatant KORN Ripoff

Ironically, Davis performed guest vocals on Roots.

Ironically, Davis performed guest vocals on Roots.

In a new interview with Metal Hammer, Jonathan Davis expressed some feelings he's had for a long time about Sepultura's classic album, Roots, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

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When Davis was asked if he was proud of the bands he inspired during his career, he brought up the one album that really bugged him for a while:

“Yeah. Slipknot were inspired by what we did, but they took it and did their own thing, which is fucking amazing.

“One that I thought was a big compliment, but I also thought was fucked up, was Sepultura’s Roots album. That was just a blatant Korn rip-off, and I had it out with producer Ross Robinson about that, because he just took our sound and gave it to Sepultura.

“My young brain couldn’t handle it. But they were one of our biggest influences, so I guess they get a pass. And that’s a classic album, so it’s all good.”

It doesn't seem like there is any bad blood anymore, but it's interesting that Davis had some frustrations when the album was released in 1996, even moreso because Davis appeared on the album on the track "Lookaway," along with Mike Patton. His bandmate, James "Munky" Shaffer is quick to point out Korn was heavily influenced by Sepultura to begin with:

“Here’s the thing – that was us trying to imitate them! When Sepultura released Chaos 1993, that was a huge influence on us, and it’s still one of my favorite records. Now I’m older, I can appreciate art inspiring art.”

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Good to see there are no grudges at this point. Max Cavalera and Igor Cavalera are in the midst of a 20th anniversary tour celebrating Roots, while Korn are about to release The Serenity Of Suffering, a new album – featuring the single "A Different World" with guest vocals from Slipknot's Corey Taylor.

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