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IRON MAIDEN Frontman Calls 2005 Feud With OZZY "A Storm In A Teacup"

Dickinson also takes a shot at the Kardashians.

Dickinson also takes a shot at the Kardashians.

Back in 2005 during Ozzfest, Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson and the Osbournes weren't on the best of terms. Maiden were invited to play Ozzfest, as direct support to Black Sabbath. As the tour progressed, Sharon Osbourne took exception to some comments Dickinson made about the Ozzfest sound system quality, criticisms he made about her husband, and a few remarks about how he and his band would never be featured in a reality show – a shot at The Osbournes reality TV show.

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One night, Sharon allegedly messed with Iron Maiden's PA system, held off on Iron Maiden's Eddie being able to take the stage, and allegedly encouraged some second stage bands to throw eggs at Dickinson from the crowd. Of course, that's all a bunch of allegations, but that's the short version. Now in a new interview with NME, Dickinson says he grew up on Black Sabbath and Ozzy, and calls the feud "a complete storm in a teacup." He also takes a shot at the Kardashians, because fuck 'em, right?

"It's a complete storm in a teacup. I grew up listening to early Sabbath with Ozzy. Ozzy and Sabbath are icons so that’s that, end of story. The fact that I don’t like reality TV shows, well I’m not gonna offer an olive branch to the Kardashians either."

Hey Bruce, you know who else really hates the Kardashians? Gary Holt. I'm not saying you guys should go make an amazing one-off album together, but it's definitely not the worst idea I've had either, right?

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