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Former Metalcore Drummer Now Running For Office As Part of Racist Separatist Party

"Stop the hate… separate"

"Stop the hate… separate"

When some people quit their band, they just end up getting a normal nine-to-five job, be it behind a desk or working in a warehouse or something similar. But former The Paramedic drummer Tony Hovater has decided to throw his hat into the politics game, which is all well and good until we realized that Hovater, who is running for a city council position in New Carlisle, OH, is actually running as part of the Traditional Workers Party.

The Traditional Worker's Party is run by noted bigot and racist Matthew Heimbach. But Heimbach denies the racist allegations claiming he doesn't hate anybody, it's just all the races should be kept separate. (Cue Jackie Chan meme). In a recent profile by Al Jazeera, Heimbach showed off his separatist ways:

“I support white power, black power, brown power and yellow power,” Heimbach says. “All races should be the dominant political force in their region. That is why America needs to be divided into smaller, ethnically and culturally homogenous states. In countries where races are mixed, one race will always dominate the others. That is why we need separation. Not because the white race is better than the black race. We need to stop the hate and separate.”


Stop the hate and separate?! 

So as opposed to being accepting of all cultures, the idea is now to just keep them as far apart as possible from each other. That doesn't sound racist at all…no sir, not one bit.

But like all hidden racists, just ask about the Jews and the true xenophobia comes out…

He firmly believes that the Jews are working diligently behind the scenes to eradicate the white race, faith and culture. “We can’t win against them by arguing,” he said at the Stormfront conference. “You can’t out-Jew the Jew. It’s like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how good you are at chess, eventually someone’s going to knock the board over and poop on it. Let’s stop worrying about out-Jewing them or outsmarting them. Let’s just stand for what we believe in, which is faith, family and folk — the three things that make us a nation.”

As a noted (but completely secular) Jew, I find it hilarious that in one breath he feels everybody should be equal (but separate) BUT THEN EXCEPT THE JEWS BECAUSE WE CAN'T OUTJEW THEM. I guess that's a compliment?

Naturally, the band that Hovater used to be in, The Paramedic, is clearly distancing themselves from their former drummer, while at the same time knocking the metal media:

How can we be a white supremacist band when our vocalist isn’t white? Don’t feed into the bullshit. Some companies just have to stoop that low to get people to click on their stories. It’s a shame, really. There is so much going on in music that won’t get covered. There are so many amazing bands that deserve attention for all the right reasons. And no one will ever know, because these music “news” magazines are too busy trying to shit on hard working bands just to get people to buy their new issue. We’re just going to say what’s up to our haters real quick and keep making music for the fans to love.

I always love when people try to tell us that we shouldn't be reporting on something and rather spend time focusing on the bands who deserve the coverage, as if there is a finite amount of online coverage available. Guess what guys? We can do both! And we do do both (I said doo doo!). But to say this isn't news is ridiculous. I'm sure the band is getting an unwarranted amount of hate, but you would think instead of attacking the media, they would just distance themselves from the story and move on.

Oh, well. By the way, here is what the Paramedic sound like. At least some new ears will hear your band since your former drummer is in the news, guys…

[via MetalSucks]

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