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Danny Worsnop Claims His ASKING ALEXANDRIA Replacement Was Lip-Syncing To Worsnop's Vocal Tracks

Posted by on March 13, 2017 at 4:15 pm

Man, Asking Alexandria really don't like former vocalist Denis Stoff. Stoff replaced original vocalist Danny Worsnop after he quit to start a solo career. But eventually, Worsnop and the band reconnected and Stoff was left out in the cold, with the band totally throwing him under the bus.

Looks like they weren't done yet. In a new interview Worsnop conducted with No-Talent Dingleberry Syndrome, which our friends at Rock Feed were so nice to transcribe, Worsnop claims that Stoff wasn't even signing live, by lip-syncing to Wornsop's vocal tracks:

“He was lip syncing over my stuff for a minute. That obviously did not rub me or my lawyers the right way.

“[The lawyers] jumped on it before I did. They were like, ‘Hey just so you know, we sent him a cease and desist because he’s lip syncing over your stuff.’ I hadn’t seen them or heard them with him so I was just like, ‘Yeah make sure he’s not using my stuff.’”

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