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What a terrible week to be in White Wizzard… then again, some of the band's detractors might say that every week is a terrible week to be in White Wizzard. HIYO! 

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After either firing or losing their frontman earlier this week, the band was forced to drop off their current US tour. There is a longwinded explanation/blaming as to why but I will spare you.

The meat of the story is that the band has parted with their label as well. After all the band drama, their label has clearly had enough of them. But according to guitarist Jon Leon, it was a mutual decision. Sure! Check out this spin:

Excited to announce that we will be going independent and we have mutually parted company with Earache records. We wish them the best. This has been a decision made before the tour over the past couple of months. I appreciate the initial interest in White Wizzard and hope other bands that are with them do well. I am currently in the process of forming my own record label which shall be called White Wizzard records. I plan to form a couple of other projects next year. The guys in the band will now have an actual vested interest in making some $ from album sales and our merchandise which is fantastic. I will be releasing a blog soon with some advice on record labels and how I think most bands should avoid that road and the pros and cons. One silver lining is we have had some great singers come forward with interest and I think we should be announcing someone within a few days, and I wrote a song I am excited about yesterday and am about to get on a writing tear I believe. While guys that have been fired by me that have an agenda will continue to spew nonsense and lies trying to stir the pot and hurt the band, I will continue to write songs and put out music. We will not keep the shit flying back and forth. We will just wish them well and get on with it. I know the music is what counts and it is why I got into this, not for the dumb shit.The fans do not want to hear the crap, they want to hear good songs. In the end the truth is on our side and our intentions are nothing more than to make great music. Here is to a positive outlook in the coming months.

Pretty fantastic right? And naturally you'd love to hear some advice about dealing with record labels from somebody dropped from a label. Clearly White Wizzard are on top of their shit and will be taking the world by storm in no time (once they get their shit together).

[via MetalSucks]

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